360° Venue Catering

360° Venue Catering designs creative and complete food experiences. With taste at the heart of everything that we do, we strive to meet yours as well as your guest's needs. No matter the size of your event, we always plan with an eye for quality and the world around us.

About 360°

360° Venue Catering is synonymous with creative catering and complete food experiences. We are part of Bella Center Copenhagen, serving excellent food every day for our many guests in the hotel’s restaurants and meeting rooms.

With 360° Venue Catering, we now offer all of this for locations outside of the hotel as well. We can cater for meetings, receptions, dinners and parties on your premises or at one of the many venues we collaborate with. We take care of everything – or just exactly what you need.


Our dedicated team of chefs specialises in creative catering and storytelling that brings all the senses into play. 360° Venue Catering is food with a true passion.


To us, sustainability is an awareness of nature, consumption and animal welfare. The selection follows the seasons and our chefs find inspiration in local ingredients.

We work exclusively with suppliers, who can meet our high standards, helping to ensure that 360° Venue Catering always delivers special experiences.


Your event will benefit from the assistance of our extensive team of professionals at Bella Center Copenhagen. Service excellence and quality is the mantra in everything we do – an approach that also applies, when serving you in locations away from the hotel.

Solid preparation and close dialogue combine to form the basis for a successful event. 360° Venue Catering ensures that no detail is overlooked. Your designated contact person will be responsible for the job from the introduction meeting, where we listen to your needs and ambitions, until the very end of your event.

Let us plan your event

Events of any kind and size
We deliver excellent food, chefs, waiters, tables, chairs, tableware, decorations and much more.
From an all-day event with thousands of guests to an intimate gathering, we always design a solution to match the event’s specific needs. Our services are flexible and transparent, enabling you to choose from these services as needed.

Where are you going to host your event?

Are you going to host the party on your premises, or are you looking for the place to host your next event?
We collaborate with a wide range of exciting and beautiful venues and reception rooms that can provide the perfect setting for your event.


If you would like to find out more about how we can meet your needs for venue catering, please get in touch with us by e-mail
info@360venuecatering.dk or call +45 5060 6652